Roe V Wade

“The rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield for a reason.” — Christine Merser OK, let’s just get this part said so we can move on. Yes, it’s outrageous that every single one of our Supreme Court justices 'lied' under oath about what they would do about Roe v. Wade. Yes, Alito’s writing and “thinking” (I really can’t call it that) has holes in it the size of the largest craters in Hawaii. Yes, she is close to judicially illiterate (yes, I’m referring to Coney Barrett), and yes, all those (including me) who were terrified in 2016 turned out to be right. All these things are true. But they don’t matter. And it doesn’t matter who leaked the draft decision. My guess, judging from the pent up vitriol Alito uses in his rhetoric, I think it was him - worried that it was going to be toned down and not wanting it to be. And, timing isn’t always everything. And, now these few months later; it’s done. But I think it’s time to stop talking about it all in terms of what has happened, and time to move toward what can be done about it.

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